Our Unique 6 Stage Process

We accompany our clients on a journey, advising and guiding them from initial concept discussions through the planning and building warrant stages. We then steer our clients through the build and restoration phases on site which are complex and diverse. We are constantly there to assist with the specification of finishing details; sourcing where necessary from around the world. The client is in charge of their finances and we like to give our client the tools to bring their project in on budget and on time.

The process is similar for each project. We understand that modern times require contemporary amenities together with the introduction of increased light and flowing individually designed spaces giving a feeling of spaciousness. So the restoration could not be more thorough. Every pipe, wire and bent nail is quite literally replaced. We like to restore the original plasterwork, floors and woodwork wherever possible – and replace where it is not. The process can take between three and eight months depending on size and scale of the project.



Concept Design

  • Initial concept discussions with client
  • Survey the property. Draw up to 1:50 detail.
  • Inspect for damp, rot, woodworm etc.
  • Inspect all external and internal fabric: roof including tiles/slates, windows, woodwork, flooring, wiring, heating



Architectural Design

  • Analyse the accommodation’s functional flow.
  • Devise architectural designs to maintain the building’s integrity while re-shaping for contemporary living to reflect aspirations of client.
  • Instruct Structural Engineering input if required.
  • Detailed submission for Planning, Listed Building Consent followed by Building Warrant



Detail Design

  • Warrants/consents approved by Council.
  • Design and material specification. For example: kitchen cabinets and appliances; timber or stone flooring; fireplaces and fires or stoves; marble or granite worktops; new radiators; boiler; light fittings and switches; new skirtings, shutters and doors; door handles, etc
  • Devise Cost Plans with the client: involving a walk round each room outlining the exact work to be carried out.
  • Contract signed, with scope, building cost and time agreed.
We are constantly there to assist with the specification of finishing details; sourcing where necessary from around the world.



Construction First Fix

  • Work on site begins, with delivery of skip; permits and port-a-loo!
  • Strip out of all existing bathrooms and kitchens, pipework, electrical wires and circuits, wallpaper, flooring etc as required.
  • Damp proofing or rot work carried out if specified.
  • Inspect all plasterwork for bossing when wall coverings removed and replace where necessary.
  • Clean or repair cornice work if specified.
  • Overhaul windows if necessary and re-rope and re-mastic for longevity.
  • 1st fix electrical: new wiring fed behind walls, ceilings and floors.
  • 1st fix plumbing: new pipes run behind walls, ceilings and floors.
  • Install steel beams before wall removal to reshape layouts.
  • New wall partitions constructed.
  • Lay new foundations for any extensions.
  • Re-roofing work carried out if necessary.
  • Stonework and plasterwork restored or replaced as required.
  • Preparation of decoration.



Construction Second Fix

  • Build orangery or extension
  • 2nd fix electrical: connect new wiring to new circuits, light fittings etc
  • Test wiring
  • 2nd fix plumbing: connect new pipework to new boiler and radiators.
  • Fill all radiators for test period
  • Lay new wood or stone flooring; or sand and seal existing wood floor, and protect.
  • Install new kitchen cabinets and appliances.
  • Install or fabricate on site if specified: wardrobes, bookcases, storage etc.
  • Build new vanity units if required in bathrooms, and Fit new bathroom sanitary ware: baths, showers, taps, etc and test.
  • Replace cornices in newly created spaces if required.
  • Decoration to stage prior to completion.



Finishing and Handover

  • Complete all floor finishes.
  • Fit new ironmongery (handles, locks) to doors, windows and kitchen cabinets.
  • Final electrical or plumbing tests.
  • Finalise decoration: top coats of paint and final wallpaper coverings added
  • Light fittings installed if specified.
  • Property handed back to client
  • Building Warrant completion obtained.